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What are the top factors guests consider when booking an Airbnb in the city?

Airbnb has revolutionized city living for all travelers. As the cost of air transport continues to decrease, it is easy to find cheap flights to both Sofia and destinations such as Burgas, Plovdiv and Varna, but hotel prices are not so attractive. Renting a short-term vacation home is an affordable option and also gives tourists more space and the opportunity to live like a local while staying in the city.

It can be quite difficult to keep up with the competition if you don't know how to optimize your listing and keep and service the bookings that are pouring in. It's important to know what guests are looking for and how to cater to them. We at GPM.BG will list the key factors that many travelers look for when renting a property for short-term use. Location A good location is a top priority for many people booking city ​​break. They want the perfect base to explore the sights. For this reason, properties on the outskirts may not be attractive to them, even if they are luxurious. Don't worry if your property is not in a central location – focus on the interesting things nearby. Sometimes the proximity of a trendy neighborhood or a park can be just as appealing.

Airport and transport links Many of the tourists are from other countries, which means that how far the property is from the airport is important to them. Again, closer is not always better, as city airports are often on the outskirts. Travel options from the airport to your home should be well explained to guests. Most airports have bus, rail and metro services. It's also a good idea to mention how close your place is to the nearest metro station and bus stop for getting around the city. Culture

Many urban tourists are culture-hungry – they want to soak up the local culture and create new experiences for themselves. What cultural attractions are accessible from your property? Was your home built during a historic time that is world famous, or did a literary legend frequent your local restaurant, coffee shop or library? There are always stories that can impress guests. Comfort

Airbnb guests are looking for a home away from home – that's why they prefer a short-term rental to a hotel. Make sure your property is comfortable and cozy and offers everything travelers could need. Five-star comfort earns hosts five-star reviews. Marketing your property as the perfect base for a city break is a difficult task when there is stiff competition. Learn how GPM can optimize your listing and your guests' stay.

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