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Tips for Airbnb Home Owners (Part 1)

Tips for Airbnb Home Owners (Part 1) Most Airbnb hosts are interested in how to better shape their listings, and there are several key moments in communicating with potential guests where you'll have the opportunity to present your property. We at GPM will share some tricks of the trade with you to better optimize your ad and make it more attractive. First of all, you should note: searching for a home on Airbnb works differently compared to searching for results on Google. Unlike Google, where it can seem like a mystery how their algorithm determines the order of page views, Airbnb has clearer parameters. As hosts, we are ultimately responsible for effectively promoting and marketing our listings. Working at GPM, an Airbnb property management and maintenance company, our priority is to take the pressure and stress out of short-term rental property owners, and for that reason we've heard many times about the challenges that come with maintaining listings on the Airbnb and Booking platforms. . Hosts often share that they don't have time to create and maintain attractive listings and simply copy what others are showing. It's important to grab (and keep) your guests' attention right from the start. What you reflect in the presentation of the property can either make it one of the most desirable or bring it down. Here are some simple and easy tips on the key factors to pay particular attention to. ATTRACTIVE, ATTENTION-CATCHING TITLE AND PHOTOS The overall appearance of your listing should be very nice. Tip: When it comes to sites like Airbnb, searchers or potential guests are very visually influenced. And they rather want the presentation to be short but nice. The title of the ad is the first thing that guests read, so it's good to get creative and word it in the most interesting and curious way possible. Avoid clichés like "beautiful" or "great location" and instead focus on the unique aspects and amenities your property has to offer. Next: Show them a great first photo – this goes for all the other photos too. Potential guests are impressed by this, so be sure to show your property in the best possible light. Don't overdo it though, let your guests' expectations be high but at the same time realistic. And one more tip: Don't forget to add a few more high quality photos – one is never enough to attract potential guests. VERY INVITING DESCRIPTIONS! There is always room for a short description of your Airbnb property. You can tell guests how comfortable your place is. The city center would be the best bet for many tourists. But, if your property is more remote, you can always mention how close you are to the subway, bus stop, huge mall, old fashioned and neat neighborhood cafe and the like. Important tip: People who choose to stay on Airbnb usually want a more authentic and "local" experience. This is also your opportunity to showcase all the wonderful amenities you have to offer and show your guests how you can make their stay more comfortable. Wi-Fi is required. Do you have food or drinks in the fridge? How about a hairdryer, linen and towels? Are there toiletries available? For many, it's the little things that make a big difference... SHOWCASE GREAT REVIEWS FROM PREVIOUS GUESTS! Airbnb values ​​great reviews - they always prioritize the guest experience. Also, showing positive reviews creates a good impression on the relationship on your ad and earns you some credibility. Also, potential guests can find good opinions on aspects that are important to them. Good reviews are key, and you can get them by meeting (or exceeding) guest expectations. Tip: Airbnb guests pay close attention to reviews before booking - this gives them some peace of mind about staying at that person's home. In the next article, expect three more key tips for good management of your Airbnb property and easy but especially important tricks to attract potential guests.



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