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Tip of the week - wake up and smell the five star reviews

Tip of the week - wake up and smell the five star reviews At GPM, we believe that great Airbnb homes should delight all five of the guest's senses. From the rich taste of the complimentary coffee, to the soft touch of freshly washed and ironed linen, everything should say "Welcome home!" GPM's advice to hosts this week is to consider a perception that is often overlooked but always has an impact: scent. While the aroma of a freshly cleaned home is amazing, we want to encourage hosts to create even more comfort for their guests by using candles or scented stick diffusers, which will help you get great reviews.

Both options have a purpose. Tactically placed, candles and/or diffusers will make your home smell great. Also, they can add value to the interior design concept of your Airbnb home, with funky patterns or striking pops of color. And luckily, they can be found in a variety of scents (and price ranges!) to suit your personal taste, style and budget.

We all use candles and scented stick diffusers in our homes. We personally prefer diffusers – they create a more subtle aroma in the home and need to be replaced significantly less often. Last but not least – they are not a prerequisite for fire, which adds to the sense of security for both hosts and guests.


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