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Make property buying or renting EASY, FAST and QUALITY through GPM.BG.
Contact us to schedule an appointment and our consultant will start working on finding your future property. (2).png
We have YOUR best interests at heart and are there for you throughout the process
The lowest commission on the market: 2.5% without VAT and 48% on rent
Works with experienced professionals in the field
We will save you time, money and nerves
1. Meeting
In order to save you and our team time, we need to get to know your search.
We take 1 hour of your time to save dozens of hours of wasted browsing.
2. Search
We do a thorough search on all popular property platforms, sorting properties that match your search.
We take responsibility for finding your future property.
We do inspections with you, exchanging feedback, with the goal of finding the best property FOR YOU!
Our team works every day and we are always available for inspection.
4. Negotiating
We protect your interest during the negotiations and prepare all the necessary documentation.
Our contracts are drawn up by lawyers with extensive experience in the field.
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