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We are an ambitious team of young people with experience in property management and have created GPM.BG to assist home owners in the process of increasing occupancy and achieving optimal income. Working closely with the platforms, we know many tools through which to increase the number of bookings. We try to increase the value of a place. For this purpose, we will pay special attention to your property, regardless of its location, in order to develop its maximum market potential. Our flexible pricing policy is all about aligning your interests as owners and ours as managers.


GPM's mission is to optimize property owners' profits and take care of them in an ethical and responsible manner. To provide the best service to all who decide to stay in our properties.


Start 10.09.2019

The first real estate investment for short-term rental.


Walking 15.09.2020

We realized our first successful season with our properties on the sea.


Company 15.06.2020

The company is registered and concludes its first contracts with clients for the management of overnight properties.


Blossom 15.09.2021

Over the year our team grew as the properties under management increased. We faced many problems and difficulties, but together we overcame them and became better.


Partnerships 20.05.2022

We signed our first contract with a 4-star hotel by the sea. We have reached nearly 100 properties under our management.


VAT 15.07.2022

The company is registered for VAT


Development 09/15/2022

We are already a leading company in renting out properties for overnight stays in the city of Varna and the surrounding area, we started working with new advertising platforms, as well as registered our website GPM.BG

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