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What is a short term rental?

A short-term rental can generate a 50% higher return than a traditional long-term rental.

Tenants are tourists or business travelers who reserve the property through online platforms such as Airbnb, and others.

What are the advantages?

Short-term rental has two main advantages: the possibility for the owner to use his property whenever he wants and a higher income.

An ideal option for people who live abroad and want to stay in their home when they return home.

Which properties are suitable?

The properties should be ideally located in the center of the cities, within walking distance of all tourist attractions or beaches and ski slopes.

Properties must have been renovated within the last 5 years and look welcoming. (3).png (3).png

What services can we do for you in letting property for short term rent



Creation of profiles in online platforms for advertising, paid marketing ads in all sites related to this activity in Bulgaria and abroad, as well as advertising your property to our already trusted thousands of direct clients.


Comprehensive management of reservations and their synchronization, optimization of profiles in the platforms, as well as all legal requirements for guest registration.

Capture and determine market price

Professional photography of your property, also pricing for your property depending on location, seasonality, etc.

Documentation and accounting 

Preparation, submission, organization of all documents related to the activity, as well as registration of the property as a tourist site.

Accommodations and departures of guests

Check-in and drop-off of guests, airport transfers, as well as 24/7 communication with them.

Cleaning and disinfection

Maintenance and cleaning of the property after each booking by our cleaning company.

Laundry and storage

Washing, ironing, storage until the next booking of the bed linen and towels, as well as stocking the consumables for the bathroom, toilet and kitchen.

Payment and submission of Documents

Payment of VAT, payment of tourist taxes and keeping of ESTI, as well as everything else related to the activity.

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Greater profitability

Depending on the location, furnishings and number of beds in the property, the income can be 50% or more higher compared to a long-term rental.


Less depreciation

Depreciation of the property is significantly less compared to a long-term lease. Guests stay to have a place to stay the night. The rest of the time they are out around town. Cleaning is regular and professional.


Freedom of use

Your property is not locked in a long-term contract. Use it freely whenever you want, if it is not booked by guests.

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