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Professional management for your property

Start earning more with Property Manager, we can partially or fully take care of your property. Depending on your management preferences, together we will prepare a plan that matches your lifestyle for the optimal organization, good management and maintenance of your property. 

We will contact you as soon as possible!

How much money can I make from my property?
,,With this reference, I would like to share my gratitude and high appreciation for the work of the GPM team.
I have been working successfully with GPM  for six years. I believe that it is without competition in the tourism industry and in the field of rental properties.
It has a tight and fast-working structure, a team of young and ambitious professionals who have an individual approach to the client requirements and needs. Smiling and positive people, extremely strict and correct, with a professional attitude and competence in the entire process of letting properties for rent, including legal and tax framework. Large database with real offers and customers. The accumulated professional experience over the years and the achieved results are a guarantee that GPM deserves the trust of its current and future clients.

Denislav Georgiev, owner 

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