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Property management for long-term rental
Caring for long-term rental apartments and their occupants is an innovative management model that increases revenue and reduces work for property owners, while also adding value to tenants. Don't have a tenant? We'll take care of that too, quickly, easily and cheaply.

We have YOUR best interests at heart and are there for you throughout the process
1. Meeting
We take photos, video and a full inventory of the property to create the perfect listing. We prepare a market analysis.
We take 1 hour of your time to save dozens of hours of wasted browsing.
The lowest commission on the market, no hidden fees 48%
We are working every day and we rent properties quickly
We are working responsible, honest, ethical and transparently
2. Advertising
We publish ads on the biggest portals, on social networks
We provide complete and accurate property information along with beautiful photos and video.
We present the property to potential tenants virtually or live, every day of the year.
Our team works every day and we are always available for inspection.
4. Negotiation
We protect your interest during the negotiations and prepare all the necessary documentation.
Our contracts are digital and prepared by lawyers with extensive experience in the field.
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24/7 communication with guests
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Preparation of contracts
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Cleaning and disinfection
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