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Five tips for decorating your Airbnb property

Five tips for decorating your Airbnb property During the summer, owners of quality properties with great locations have no problem keeping their Airbnb home fully occupied. However, when the season ends, occupancy of vacation properties decreases. In order to remain competitive, property owners adjust prices to attract a certain number of guests. But, this is not necessarily the only solution. Travelers, whether they are singles, young professionals or families, are looking not only for a place to spend the night, but also want an unforgettable and unique experience. We at GPM are going to share with you some key ways to attract more people.

Five interior design and decorating tips to increase off-season occupancy of your Airbnb property 1. Decorate with location in mind Renters visit a certain city because they want to experience it. Give them what they want in the place they will be staying. Decorate with things that speak to your city and surroundings. Frame photos of key points of interest and hang them on the walls and/or place culturally significant (regionally) artwork around the home. It all comes down to knowing your location. If the property located near the sea, then marine accents make sense and will stay in place. If you are located in a premium shopping area, then items that pay homage to the fashion industry would be appropriate. Also, be sure to visit your local antique and curio shops to find remnants of your town's past. For example, old shop signs from a bygone era add a sense of nostalgia that visitors will appreciate. 2. Paint in neutral colors

We at GPM advise you to paint the walls in neutral colors. We know from experience that photos of a home are hugely important to sales on Airbnb, and colors will be one of the first things to notice. You don't want to turn someone away with something too dramatic like color. But, neutral should not necessarily mean boring, the goal is to create a cozy and modern environment. 3. Maintain seasonal accents and rotate them

People travel at certain times of the year for different reasons. Here we are not only talking about getting the most out of the off-season, but also about immersing yourself in the unique atmosphere of the home. This is of particular importance when the climate, as it is in Bulgaria, goes through the four seasons. Include different accents in the design and decoration. Cushions, bedding, rugs and upholstery can be in popular seasonal colors and patterns. Be sure to take high-resolution photos and update your Airbnb listing regularly so that new guests can see your decorating solutions.

4. Decorate and protect the floor with decorative rugs If your Airbnb property has hardwood floors, consider local rugs. Future guests will appreciate both the comfort and the ornamental accents. It also gives them (especially guests with children) peace of mind knowing that the flooring will be safe from injuries and scratches that may occur. 5. Emphasize the feeling of space This includes painting in light neutrals, strategically placing mirrors, maximizing natural light and installing recessed wall lighting – a method of making smaller spaces feel larger by illuminating vertical surfaces.

Follow these five tips to increase the occupancy of your Airbnb property in the off-season, and if needed, GPM interior designers are always available and happy to help.



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