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Tips for Airbnb Home Owners (Part 2)

Tips for Airbnb Home Owners (Part 2) In the previous article, we at GPM presented you with some simple and easy tips on key factors to pay particular attention to in order to attract more bookings for your Airbnb property. Now we're going to turn your attention to three more key factors that you should keep in mind. GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE PLUS AMENITIES Good customer service is definitely of the utmost importance. Creating amenities is part of service. It covers easy and fast booking procedures, timely responses (ideally within an hour), friendly and pleasant responses.

Tip for Airbnb hosts: enable an "instant booking" option if possible - to make it easier for potential guests because they can get instant confirmation without waiting. THE ETERNAL FACTOR – PRICE Price is always part of every filter. Make sure you don't lose customers because your prices are too high or questionably low. Do itdo some research and be competitive with other similar apartments in the area and also keep travel trends and seasonality in mind when adjusting your listing price. BUILDING TRUST AND PROVIDING FULL INFORMATION You have to build trust from the beginning. How to start? By filling out your profile - don't be a stranger, fill in all the necessary information! People need to know who you are, that they can trust your ad that your property does exist and that there is a person on the other side who is willing to accommodate them. We at GPM hope that we have been helpful and that you will put these valuable guidelines into practice. Once you've learned all the cool tips and tricks about marketing your Airbnb listing, you might be on your way to becoming a great host. And in case you need it, our team of experienced professionals is always available and ready to help you.



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