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How to make more money from your property in 2018?

How to make more money from your property in 2018? Looking to increase your Airbnb revenue compared to last year? Even if 2017 was very successful for you, there is always room for improvement and some small changes can be essential. Maybe 2018 is the year you hope to expand and manage multiple properties? Whatever your goals are for the coming year, we at GPM.BG will give you some of the best tips for making more money from your short-term rental. Get more bookings

It seems obvious, but the fastest and easiest way to increase your income is to increase your employment rate. The more bookings you have, the higher the annual turnover. How to make sure you get more bookings for your property? This is where it gets a little tricky, as Airbnb success isn't an exact science – but there are guaranteed ways to improve your profile and your guests' stays to encourage more bookings.

Take the time to review and optimize your profile. Are you doing well with your listing advertising and getting the most out of it? Use a professional photographer. Most guests choose a property based on the photos provided. Respond quickly to inquiries to ensure guests don't book elsewhere. Provide a five-star stay to encourage five-star reviews, which then encourage more people to book.

Pricing overview It is important to determine the best price for your property in order to get maximum value from each booking. By using pricing algorithms and financial tools, you can ensure that the property provides higher returns. We at GPM.BG can revise your pricing to bring up to 20% increase in profitability. This is an easy way to increase your income - without investing time or money in property management.

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