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Four reasons to vacation at sea in September

35, 36, 37... August - sea time Unfortunately, this summer was late. It was supposed to be winter, June was a rainy spring, and only in the middle of July did the heat and longing for the Black Sea come. And do you remember last September, or should we say late August, when we just kept counting from the 32nd onwards? Warmth during the day, coolness at night and still an unrelenting summer mood. The September sea experience certainly has its advantages and it is time to think and try. We are all used to going to the sea in July and August, but today we have prepared four reasons for a sea holiday in September:

Perfect temperatures Everyone loves lounging on the beach, but to do it without the risk of being "fried" alive to a fiery red color, a nap on a cool beach is healthier and much more pleasant. It seems that this year you will be able to get a tan in September without excessive heat. Fewer people

We all know that the month of August is hard to find an umbrella. Especially on the more popular beaches, the mission can prove impossible. All restaurants, bars and clubs are still open in September. The only difference is that they are not at 120% capacity, which makes for a truly relaxing holiday. water

An interesting fact is that in seawater the change in temperatures becomes significantly slower than in the atmosphere. All summer the Black Sea collects solar energy and in September the water is always warm. prices

A basic principle in economics is that if demand is greater than supply, then prices rise. Everyone goes to the beach in August and accordingly people pay higher prices to stay in the desired places. September can give you the great sea experience you've been longing for without taking as much of a toll on your personal finances. So, if you don't have plans for a vacation on the Black Sea yet, or you want to enjoy the sea for the last time before saying goodbye to it until next year, the period between August 32/61 is great for a vacation at sea! If you want to start looking for accommodation right away, you can view our portfolio of beachfront apartments here.


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