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Sea pearl apartment 3


Balchik is one of the oldest European cities. It was created more than 2,600 years ago around the middle of the 6th century BC. by Ionian colonists on the ruins of a much earlier settlement known by the name of Crowns - Izvori. Dnevniy Balchik is a seaside resort located near Albena, Golden Sands and Kranevo. The resort offers its visitors wonderful sandy beaches, the opportunity for a full-fledged vacation and a rich history. Interesting sights in the city are: Botanical Garden, Architectural-Park Complex Dvoretsa, Mutual School, Ethnographic Museum, Art Gallery, City History Museum, Teketo. In the region of Balchik there are Nos Kaliakra, Kamen bryag, Pobitite kamani.

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2 room apartment



4 people




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