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Sea View apartment next to the BEACH in Sea paradise complex A-22


The interior of the apartment has a fully equipped kitchen; Workplace; living room with sofa, 2 air conditioners; coffee machine; large bedroom with wardrobe and chest of drawers; bathroom with shower; two terraces overlooking the sea.

Ikantlaka beach is located 5 km from Kavarna. It is also known as the White Lagoon and Saint George. It has an area of ​​about 8.8 acres, a narrow beach, surrounded by high white cliffs, fine sand and a clear azure coast. The area of ​​the same name is very picturesque, and the small bay with pristine and wild nature is the reason for the popularity of Ikantluk. There are conditions for surfing and paragliding.

A large number and variety of birds can be seen on the rocks, which is why many people come to observe or film them and their rituals. Nearby you can also see the healing lake Tuzlata, the Aylata archaeological reserve and more.

Подробности за имота

Тип имот 

Two room apartment










2005 г.

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Споделете ни датите за който желаете да резервирате и колко нощувки, за колко човека е резервацията и всичко което е важно за вас може да го опишете. Ние ще се свържем със вас в рамките на деня.

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